Communication. Our biggest challenge and our greatest opportunity.

Every minute of every day we are communicating with each other. What we say and how we say it creates that first impression, wins respect, clinches the deal and builds trust. Poor communication, on the other hand, often means a toxic mix of frustration, confusion and delay.

Whether it’s leaders trying to engage with their millennial work force, subject matter experts coming to terms with their new found management responsibilities or sales teams trying to grab the attention of their busy customers, in order to succeed, people at all levels of an organisation must be able to create an impact, increase their influence and inspire their audience.

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Who we work with…



Pitches. Meetings. Presentations. Twitter. Phone Calls. Emails. The list goes on. Whether we like it or not, we all spend a huge percentage of our day communicating with others. So why do we spend so little time practicing and perfecting these essential skills?

We'll share the secrets used by the world's top actors and presenters to help you communicate like a pro.



Effective teamwork begins with effective communication. It creates trust and increases creativity. Once the team decides together what they are going to achieve and how they are going to do it, imagine the effect on motivation, ownership and accountability.

Drawing on techniques used by the world's top performers, we'll work with you to unlock the power of your team.



Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos. Effective leaders. Very different styles. Which suggests that there is no set way to do leadership. It has to be authentic.

Which qualities do you need to turn up and which do you need to turn down in order to become a really effective leader? We'll help you to discover your unique leadership style and move from good to great.

Our training…

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Ideal for teams and large groups, our high energy Masterclasses give your people tangible tools for increasing their impact whenever they communicate.


A three month programme for managers, leaders and sales teams, our Accelerator develops the expertise and skills needed to communicate effectively in any situation.

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Work one-to-one with In Flow’s founder and head performance coach, Dominic Colenso, to craft and perfect the keynote speech for your next important speaking engagement .

our clients…

“Creating an impact and inspiring and audience is vital for our Leadership Team. In Flow helped us sharpen our skills giving is greater insight into our individual performances. Now we’re all more effective in our communication - be that in the Board Room, at town hall meetings or with external stakeholders.”
— Nathan Lihou, COO, Nedgroup Trust